FAQ's: Wholesale

FAQ's: Wholesale

We launched our wholesale side of the business in June last year after we received multiple requests to stock our products. We are a team of designers of whom love creating prints for personalities and we were overwhelmed with the amount of people who could relate to the designs we created. 


Stocking our products has never been easier. So we upload our products onto our Faire Page this is the easiest way for you to scroll through thousands of prints to find the right design to resell. We have low minimum order quantities allowing you to try different prints to find your bestseller. All our tote bags are 100% cotton reusable shopping bags. Perfect for the daily trip to the shop or for me the perfect bag to carry my laptop around in. Although they are lightweight they are super strong. 


You do need to sign up to Faire to access all the deals and discounts but it's a 2 minute process to apply. 


If you are looking for something specific or would like a custom print, we are a team of designers who love a challenge to create your bespoke creations. Here are some of the questions we have recently received to clarify and queries you may have: 


Is there a minimum order?

Yes, for wholesale discounts the minimum spend is £240. 

Can you split the minimum order amount across different products?

Of course, you can chose from any of our prints online, each design is a minimum of 10 bags. So this allows you to try a few different colour bags or change the print up to test what sells for you the most. 

Do you ship to America?

Yes, we ship worldwide! All our wholesale orders come with tracked shipping allowing you to follow the full journey of your order.

How can I keep up with new designs being uploaded?

We have a newsletter specifically to notify people about news, new product launches and to offer discounts and sales codes to subscibers before they are launched publicly. We will this year be creating a newsletter solely for the wholesalers we work with (I'm super excited about this!). 

What is the lead time for wholesale orders? 

Our lead time is between 4-7 days. This obviously can change due to the size of the order or at busy period of the year. But you are notified instantly of the estimated dispatch date once you put the order in with us. 


If you do have any more questions feel free to contact us and we're always happy to help!



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