Your Identity: Launch!

Your Identity: Launch!



So many of you may or may not know we also design, print and embroider for businesses. Illustrated Identity started as an online creative clothing and accessories company (and continues to be just that!). As the company grew, we had a lot a enquiries about designing merchandise for businesses. Of course as a team of graphic designers, with all production in-house this is something we could do. 


We have designed, printed and embroidered a wide range of commercial workwear for construction, hospitality and events companies. Along with source products, creating marketing campaigns, rebrands and building brand identites. As a team, we spent a long time debating how to launch this side of the business.. Many different names, websites and debates. 


The word that kept leaving a sour taste in our mouths was the word 'workwear'. As a creative team 'workwear' gives us generic feelings, and this is not the offering we give to our clients. When talking with clients about their businesses in our initial consultations, we encourage each and every person to tap in to what makes them different. What can we create together to highlight those differences and how can we promote the voice of your brand. Being creative is the lifeblood of any business - doing things differently. 


So we have launched: YOUR IDENTITY


The business to business branded merchandise and clothing side. We offer a full range of services, including graphic design, sourcing of the products, printing, embroidery and our experience having built many merchandising businesses for clients. We want to work with businesses looking to create their brand identity and exude this through their clothing, graphics and merchandise. 


We also work with many clients on building a revenue stream from their merchandise. If you are a community based business such as a gym, in the music industry, or have a large following, you can most definitely build a profitable merchandise collection.


On some occassions you may just want to commission our design team to create the prints for you and use our production side for drop shipping - this is also an offering of Your Identity. 


If you are looking for branded workwear for your business, or to grow merchandise for a profit - lets talk:


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